Direct fit for the Razor Cut 45 if using the X45 torch.

EasyScriber Part# ES020


Compatible with the Razor Cut 45 only if you are using the X45 machine or hand held torch that accepts Hypertherm brand consumables. This will not fit the TRF-45 torch, however if you are using the X45 torch this scribe is all you need to convert it into a scribe and back again in seconds with no additional hardware or software required.

Installing the EasyScriber is as easy as changing your plasma consumables, simply unscrew the retaining cap, remove the plasma consumables, insert the scribe, and re-install the retaining cap. Once installed you have the ability to scribe text, logos, images, break lines, drill points, etc. into metal, glass, plastic, stone, and more. Even if the surface you intend to scribe is uneven the spring loaded tip will follow the contour of your workpiece and produce excellent results.

This tool comes complete and ready to use with a 120 degree spring loaded diamond tip ready to scribe for hours and can also be purchased above with a replacement diamond tip to keep in stock.